Business License:

Business: $.15 per 100 gross receipts
Professional: $.20 per 100 gross receipts
Minimum is $30.00

• License fee based on gross receipts.
• A license must be purchased before a business can be opened.
• Must list before May 15th each year and pay before July 15th each year.

Click here to download a Business License Application. 

DMV Services:

Independence License Agency provides the following services:
  Process title work
  Registration renewals
  Driver’s transcript
  Sell dealer tags and transport tags
  Process duplicate titles
  Process supplemental liens
  Issue tags, handicap permits, overload permits, VIN numbers for trailers, 
  and 3 day permits

• Independence does not issue drivers license.
• Licenses can be issued at Customer Service Centers located in Galax, 
  Wytheville or Marion.

Connection fees for new water and sewer service:

Water: $325.00
Sewer: $250.00
Over ¾ meter is negotiable
NOTE: The property owner is responsible for water and sewer lines from the house to the road right–of-way where water and sewer hookups are available. 

Click here to download a Water Connection Application.

Service deposit to be paid before service connection:

$125.00 or approximated monthly bill

Click here to download a Service Deposit Form.

Water and Sewer Service Rates (billed monthly):

999 gallons minimum $12.50
every 1000 gallons there after is $4.69/1000gal

999 gallons minimum $20.25
every 1000 gallons there after is $5.94/1000gal


Billed in November and due before December 5th each year.

Real Estate: $.148 per $100.00
Mobile Homes: $.148 per $100.00
Machinery and Tools: $.63 per $100.00
Personal Property: $.63 per $100.00

Town Decals:

On sale March 1st each year and due before April 15th.
Vehicles: $15.00
Motorcycle: $7.50